RCOG World Congress 2023

RCOG World Congress 2023 saw 150 speakers from a total of 19 countries. Over 500 delegates attended in person each day at RCOG’s Union Street event space. A further 1660 delegates accessed the congress content through the virtual platform. In total there are over 2200 delegates registered for the conference from 88 countries.

Our partnership with the RCOG dates back to 2010 when the event attracted 1,000 attendees. Rapiergroup renamed and rebranded the event in 2013, creating a striking event theme while paying careful consideration to the subject matter. Ensuring brand development and recognition, the event identity is applied across all mediums from pre, live and post-event content.

In partnership with the RCOG we have established the World Congress, with its leading-edge scientific programme of global speakers, as the ultimate event for obstetrics and gynaecology professionals.

Our agile approach ensured that the commerciality and analysis of potential risks were always at the forefront of our project management. Financial and attendance scenario planning ensured risks were minimised while promoting an inclusive event.

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