Global Pharmaceutical Exhibitions

Maximising engagement at global pharmaceutical exhibitions

Rapiergroup has been supporting companies including Ascensia, Amgen, Bayer, ALK, Daiichi Sankyo, MSD, Merck Serono, Steno Diabetes, Novo Nordisk and Vertex across a wide variety of therapy areas for many years, providing unique platforms for engagement, product launches and other meeting requirements with their Health Care Professional audiences.

Through design concept to onsite delivery and then on to post-event analysis and follow up, our ability to meet the exacting demands of the healthcare industry means we can manage sensitive events in an environment of strict confidentiality and security. We understand and adhere to the strict international compliance and transparency regulations regarding healthcare professionals, together with the increased reporting requirements.

Through creativity and our unique approach to programme planning, Rapiergroup has consistently been able to achieve significant costs savings, whilst still delivering quality, impact and distinctly-branded award-winning experiences for our clients.

The pace of change – both technological and sociological – has never been faster than it is today, and the digital approach to healthcare marketing is no exception. VR, AR, AI and robotics are still in their early stages, yet look set to define generations to come. Meanwhile, as technology moves, so do the generations attached to them. Millennial mindsets, for instance, are geared towards personalisation in meaning, technology, storytelling and community. We design and tailor our medical event solutions to appeal to these trends.

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