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State of the Art (SOA) conference 2018

Rapiergroup was awarded a 3 year contract for the management of the Intensive Care Society Annual Conference, which runs each December. Following the outsourcing of the internal events team to an agency for the first time, there was a period of transition and knowledge transfer.  This resulted in Hampton Medical developing a 3-year strategy, to make the event financially viable in year 1 through a strict procurement process for all existing and new suppliers and increased industry income within an extremely reduced period of time. This transformed the conference from loss leading to generating a surplus for the Society.

The second year of the strategy was to build on the success of 2016 by taking innovation and the delegate experience to the next level. SOA 2017 saw over 1,450 delegates arrive at the ACC Liverpool; a new attendance record and a significant increase on 2016.

This is now the UK’s national conference and the largest national meeting in Europe, having doubled in

delegate numbers over the last three years to 1,700 delegates from 37 countries in 2018.

The conference has been extensively redesigned to promote debate and innovation, and to create a fresh, dynamic and exciting atmosphere in which delegates are actively encouraged to engage with each other and with you, rather than acting as a passive audience.

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