Hybrid and virtual events

We take a platform-agnostic approach to virtual and hybrid events. We design the experience with your user in mind and focus on helping them achieve their goals.

Users need to be able to quickly and easily navigate around the event interface. Keeping people engaged at your virtual event is about removing friction, providing support and giving people as much flexibility as possible.

But of course, content is key. Compelling, rich content that is relevant will always drive engagement. The benefit of virtual or hybrid events is that  we can give users as much flexibility and choice as possible. This includes making content available for them after the event.

Motability Operations Ltd

The Big Event Online

RCOG World Congress


Virtual World Congress

Virtual event on a laptop

Motability Operations Ltd

The Big Event Online

Equity Release Summit main conference

Equity Release Council

Equity Release Summit

Virtual Product Launch

Virtual Product Launch

Global pharmaceutical brand

We've produced three practical guides to help you with planning and delivering a great virtual or hybrid event:

Guide 1

6 things you need to know before running a virtual event

Guide 2

How to deliver a flawless user experience at your hubrid or virtual event

Guide 3

How to successfully launch a product or service at a virtual event

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How can virtual events compete with free alternatives like YouTube and Zoom? How can we design virtual events that earn the full attention of attendees?

Our latest report explores the risks and opportunities of virtual events, helping you to make the right decisions.

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