Virtual Global Product Launch

How we helped a global pharma brand successfully launch a new product at their first virtual event


A global pharmaceutical company asked us to help them move their scheduled product launch online after the conference they were going to launch at was cancelled.

We designed, built and delivered a bespoke virtual experience using everything we knew about their customers’ tastes, priorities and learning preferences.

The client has since booked us to deliver their next two virtual conferences.

What was the problem?

Our client was planning to launch a revolutionary new treatment at a major pharma conference with an expected audience of over 15,000 attendees.

The event was cancelled but the launch couldn’t be pushed back, so they had to find another way of reaching the customers they would have spoken to at the conference.

What was our solution?

We’ve worked with this company for over seven years and we have an in-depth knowledge of their audience. We took everything we knew about their customers and used it to design, build and deliver a bespoke online experience to launch the product online.

The environment that we created hosted a range of different content including animations, videos, panel discussions and written content. The information and formats we picked were tailored to suit the tastes and learning preferences of the audience and answer as many of their questions as possible.

We also provided technical support and guidance throughout the event, to ensure that every attendee had a great experience and that our client had all the support that they needed.

What were the results?

Pharmaceutical companies are pretty private by nature so we can’t share the exact results, but the client has booked us to deliver two more virtual events over the coming months, which should tell you all you need to know…

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