Audi UK Central Launch and Technology Training


Audi Central Launch and Technology Training (CLT & CTT) is a prestigious Audi UK training programme held at the Audi training facilities in Munich 2-3 times a year across one week for over 570 delegates each programme.

Rapiergroup have been appointed to provide registration and logistics for 5 years and have delivered over 10 programmes with approximately 6,000 delegates attending. Rapiergroup’s responsibilities were broad and all-encompassing; from creating and managing a website/app for registration and on site interactivity, pre-event online training course (with hotline support), designing and producing content for training collateral to chartering flights from various UK airports out to Munich.

Host support in Germany is provided for breathalysing guests, managing guest behaviour, crisis management and overseeing all group movements.


The statistics and survey results between Jan 2017- Jun 2018 show the value of the CLT programmes:
An increase of knowledge (pre vs post-event test) across every programme between 16% – 26% improvement on knowledge.

The last programme, in June 2018, showed the highest improvement results at 26%. Space utilisation achieved has been between 91-99%

The event team positive feedback has been over 97% every programme (99% for the last three programmes).

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