Groupe Renault Annual Dealer Conference


As Groupe Renault entered 2020, there was an opportunity for the leadership team to share an exciting insight into Renault’s vision for the future of mobility and electric vehicles and celebrate another year of partnership.

To reflect the pace of change the entire event format had been redesigned by Rapiergroup to challenge the attendee’s perceptions and expectations of the traditional annual event.

From the moment the doors were opened to the multipurpose event space a whole new delegate experience was evident. Following the opening plenary the audience was divided into smaller groups to participate in three interactive breakout sessions, each designed to explore one of the key themes in greater depth.

Rapiergroup offered full content and production support for the day’s main presentations within the 280-seater theatre and the breakout domes to ensure consistency of key messaging.

The sessions of 20 minutes were repeated allowing the rotation of the groups and recorded for post event video cascade communications.

During the groups rotations food and drink ‘energy stations’ were placed to maximise the audience retention of the smaller focused sessions and to allow for peer to peer networking.

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