Swift CSR Activity, Sibos

Prior to 2018, Swift have always proposed an idea for a CSR game for their Swift stand, which we have created, developed and delivered for them. The format has always been similar and successful, although we haven’t seen engagement numbers increase over the years. It got us wondering why, and what we could do about that.

Early in the development stages of Sibos 2018, we asked Swift if we could be part of the initial conversation for the new CSR activity. We took that opportunity to challenge the origins of the game and the rationale for it. Swift were very open to this and we determined that there was no actual requirement for a game, just a vehicle for engagement with the Sibos audience that would raise awareness of the selected charity for 2018 and involve them in increasing the donation amount that Swift would make to them.

As so many people would be travelling a long way for this years Sibos, we decided to capitalise on that and create a digital souvenir activity where people could create their own movie postcards and place themselves in a variety of location based scenes. We created a green screen studio space on the Swift stand and deployed a system that meant that people could create their postcards and receive them via email within a matter of minutes. The souvenir was theirs to do what they wished with, ideally sharing via social media. The sign off for each movie mentioned the charity and the participants role in increasing the donation amount by Swift.

Our aim was not just to raise awareness within the four days of Sibos, but use the power of social media to widen that reach, whilst giving people something that captured the spirit of their Sibos experience. Judging by the high uptake on the activity, the results spoke for themselves. The new experience had moved on from a singular activity, to something that had the power to bring people together.

We believe that the simplest ideas are often the best and this was a perfect example. It had the widest appeal of any other activity and much greater scope for amplification, whether it be word of mouth or via social media. The most satisfying aspect was seeing what people made of it. It had real human appeal and we are very proud of the results.

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