Swift at Sibos 2023

For Sibos 2023, we set out to design the Swift stand that wasn’t a stand.

We occupied a series of island sites, rather than one big block. A village concept was created that had presence, impact, cohesion, and all of the complex elements required, but delivered in a very different way, and with less build than ever before.

The Swift village featured a central meeting and information point, multiple large scale animated LED surfaces, a large hospitality area and a variety of networking spaces. There was a large theatre, a cluster of beautiful semi-private meeting spaces along with private meeting rooms. Lightweight undulating string curtains swept above the islands, dynamically lit to immerse the space in brand colour, interconnecting all the different islands, making it the most visible presence within the hall. It caught attention, drew people in, made them feel comfortable and inspired, communicated key messages and helped facilitate everything that needed to happen, in the most effective ways possible.

The success of this concept was confirmed by the reactions from everyone at Sibos. As the event drew to a close, there was sadness that this impressive human-centric environment would have to be dismantled. But thanks to ingenious highly sustainable design and innovative production solutions, most elements will live on. Those that couldn’t be, were recycled. We feel that this project is a significant step forward in sustainable event design done right. It gives us confidence that the future is bright for our industry.

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