Société Générale at Sibos

A bold architectural statement

In tribute to the phenomenal success of our 2018 concept, the evolved 2019 design continues to reflect the ‘spectacle’ and ‘excitement’ that provides a direct link to the company’s association with the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

The curved back wall and canopy ceiling create a space that evokes the form of an international rugby stadium. This bold architectural statement balances subtle contemporary materials that are impactful, yet sympathetic to the Société Générale brand.

The curved lines and finishes across the booth create a sense of movement, as well as providing a natural pathway through the booth that gives the space an intuitive feel.

The open plan layout of the space was designed with flexibility in mind; to welcome visitors to the stand, as well as hosting well-known personalities and the inevitable crowd to celebrate Société Générale’s accolade of worldwide partner to the Rugby World Cup 2019.

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