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Change is the only constant in life and Swift is well aware of this within the financial industry. In order to stay ahead of the curve of change, Swift has specialist teams who are focussed purely on the future, on technology, on risks and on innovative ideas to ensure that the future of the community is in safe hands.

Innotribe are the division of Swift who have this focus and responsibility. At Sibos, they are usually present within the exhibition with a space that hosts sessions, talks and networking events all focussed on innovation and the future. But the ambition for 2018 was bigger than that. Swift decided that they wanted to create a space that involved Financial Technology (Fintec) businesses and start-ups in an environment focussed on the future with Innotribe at the centre of activities.

We worked closely with Swift on the concept of this, challenging their ideas and ambition, ensuring that the creative direction we were taking felt right. Nothing like this had ever been done before at Sibos, so we spent our time wisely at the start of the creative process to make sure we were clear on what success looked like to Swift.

The result was a whole new zone, which we hope is a glimpse into the future of Sibos. Not only did it have to function in a different way to the traditional exhibition halls at the show, it had to feel different. We are proud of what we achieved and were especially proud to see it busy the whole time. If you ever thought that a show for Financial institutions would feel dry and corporate, think again. Things like this give the most exciting sectors a run for their money!

The new Discover zone will be back next year in London. Something tells us it will be bigger. Much bigger!

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