QNB at Sibos

Following an absence from the show, Rapiergroup were delighted to be reappointed to deliver QNB’s flagship stand at Sibos 2019, in London.

Tasked with reviving the design we created for them in Singapore, we got to work to ensure we not only matched its success but exceeded all expectations in delivering a truly show stopping Sibos experience that clearly reflected QNB’s reputation as one of the world’s leading banks.

Complete with elevated colour-change light show – a masterpiece in its own right – the stand exuded confidence and grandeur with its fluid curved walls, bespoke furniture features and premium finishes throughout.

A series of strikingly adorned meeting rooms were further complimented by the elegantly designed Majlis room to facilitate more informal discussions.

Each element of the stand design was carefully considered and inspired by the opulence of the Qatari region – all of which culminated in the delivery of a beautifully statuesque stand for a respected client.

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