LBBW at Sibos

Cool craftsmanship for a local leader

Following its success at Sibos 2014, LBBW reappointed Rapiergroup to create a presence for Sibos 2015.

Brand presence aside, the brief required maximum flexibility in design. Ensuring a wide reach of LBBW’s local audience in Singapore was also a key success factor.

A striking illuminated, layered ceiling was designed, which clearly defined the LBBW space and maximised its presence within the hall. The environment itself was designed with clean and cool simplicity in mind, perfectly capturing the essence of the brand.

Functionally, the space was designed to facilitate a wide range of engagement opportunities, in a setting that was relaxing and welcoming. Clever details were incorporated to evoke the unique LBBW brand identity. Subtle touches reinforced the company’s heritage within the local region, ensuring LBBW was in a strong position to talk to the widest audience possible.

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