Diabetes Congress Programmes

Delivering international diabetes congress programmes

Each year, thousands of global leaders in diabetes research, treatment, nutrition and care attend a circuit of learning and networking events across the world, such as ADA, EASD, ATTD, IDF and ISPAD. Meeting face-to-face, these top experts, physicians, clinicians, nurses, dieticians, researchers and educators work with pharmaceutical industry partners to help improve patients’ lives.

Our tiering design strategies have enabled the companies we work with at these events to manage their complex and changing, dynamic objectives with agility. We do this sustainably, challenging the normal assumptions in our industry, recommending ‘one-off’ or completely reusable solutions tailored specifically around our customers’ requirements.

Depending on the requirements, we respectfully maintain the global look and feel, achieving consistency of messaging or, in other cases, leading with a more product-branded experience, ‘ramping this up’ to launch!

A measurable and engaging customer journey is key. For this, we utilise cutting-edge VR and touchscreen technologies to bring the products to life, alongside dedicated space for live demonstrations and communication of the brand’s values through warm, open hospitality.

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