Cisco World of Solutions

Cisco Live Amsterdam saw over 14,000 people attend in 2023. Rapiergroup provided the visitor and sponsor experience for the World of Solutions through a fresh new concept with sustainability in mind. We created a world that brought the outside indoors with a strong festival vibe.

Exhibitors experienced a new way of presenting themselves through our modular booth concept, that allowed them to showcase their brands, demonstrate products and engage face to face with people in a variety of ways. Our original ambitions for the exhibition hall started as a world without walls, but they cannot be avoided completely. So we developed a world with minimal walls, reducing physical build and maintaining a light and airy atmosphere throughout the hall. Sponsor lounges offered even more flexibility and opportunities for personalisation. This was a truly festivalised and celebratory experience for all.

Our concept for the World of Solutions was all about setting the scene for inspiration, innovation and collaboration. We knew that once populated with people, the in-person magic would happen. And it did!

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