Section 4: Agreed Performance Standards

Rapiergroup enjoys mutually beneficial long term relationships with valued subcontractors - the following are our headline expectations of all those it works with in the spirit of keeping all working personnel and the public safe at all times and our clients satisfied and motivated to continue using the Rapiergroup team:

Health and Safety

  1. Complete our supplier questionnaire as prompted by us on an annual basis
  2. Submit suitable and sufficient RAMS for each piece of work allowing time to address any areas where we require further information
  3. Reference all significant aspects of your work in the RAMS such as ladders, towers, manual handling, tools and equipment
  4. Submit a data sheet and actual-use COSHH assessment for any hazardous substance you are taking to site
  5. Ensure that your personnel are fully competent to undertake the work they are doing for Rapiergroup
  6. Ensure high viz and safety footwear is worn as a minimum on-site, with gloves, eye, hearing and respiratory protection as per your risk assessment and site rules
  7. Use 110v equipment unless specific permission is granted by Rapiergroup
  8. Make sure your team is supervised and that methodology described in your RAMS is followed
  9. Immediately report to Rapiergroup (1) any accidents or near misses and (2) any circumstances meaning that work cannot be undertaken in the way described in your RAMS [ie you will need to arrange a "dynamic risk assessment" and get this approved before undertaking work in a different way.


  1. Fulfil works as per agreed specifications and timescales
  2. Do not deviate from agreed specifications and timescales without formal consultation with Rapiergroup

Environment and Sustainability

  1. Ensure your team has an effective practical understanding of GDPR and other relevant data law requirements
  2. Ensure you have identified lawful bases for all of the types of data your organisation processes
  3. Have appropriate technological and procedural arrangements in place to prevent the theft, accidental misuse or unauthorised circulation of personal data and other sensitive or confidential information

Data Security

  1. Embrace the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, dispose of responsibly in your day to day activities
  2. Opt for sustainable solutions where these are practical
  3. Operate an inclusive, equal opportunities culture that facilitates accessibility for all
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