Swift Standards Forum, Sibos

Compelling creative at the world’s major financial services exhibition

As a world standard in financial messaging, the Swift standards help move trillions of dollars every month. It was our job to get the financial standards front-of-mind at Swift’s own global exhibition – Sibos.

The Swift Standards Forum is a space dedicated to education and generating debate around the Swift platform – a technical, integral part of international banking.

For three years, we have been tasked with helping Swift raise awareness of Standards amongst the Sibos audience. Each year we have developed distinctly engaging metaphorical concepts, designed to attract attention, engage audiences and ignite essential discussions.

The functional elements and story emphasis of Standards Forum has varied each year, but one underlying objective remains constant. That is the need to bring the subject matter to life and put it firmly in the minds of visitors through the creation of emotionally engaging personalised experiences.

Shipping Containers were our inspiration for global standardisation in 2014. To support the launch of ISO20022 in 2015, we created an immersive airport experience, which was so thought provoking that it became the talk of the show. For 2016 the focus shifted towards technical details, so a subtler approach based on the idea of ‘Precision Engineering’ was developed, cleverly resonating with the appropriate target audience.

The Standards Forum projects really show us at our best. Working collaboratively with like-minded clients and developing exciting ideas that are executed to perfection through to the smallest details, generating brilliant results. This is what we love doing.

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