Sibos – Branding, design, visitor experience and exhibition management

Since 2014, we have been working with Swift to create and deliver Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event. Our responsibilities include creation and direction of design theme/language and application, branding, wayfinding, design of environment infrastructure. This includes networking spaces and key touchpoints that result in a bespoke and ever evolving visitor experience year on year. Our responsibilities also cover all aspects of exhibition management and delivery of the project.

Sibos 2018 was hosted at the ICC in Sydney, a stunningly striking new venue, flooded with natural light and beautifully finished to the highest standards. Bearing this in mind, we decided to take a completely different approach to experience and environmental design; complimenting and capitalising on such an impressive location.

Rather than creating environments within spaces, we adopted the approach of subtle and intelligent design in order to augment and own the space. All infrastructure elements were designed to blend in with existing environments, gently tipping the balance from ICC to Sibos. Our aim was to fuse the event with the venue through design, make it feel that the fabric of the building itself is Sibos, as opposed to Sibos hosted at the ICC.

In terms of physical structure, there was much less than previous years. Our creativity and expertise focussed on clever design touches, blending the Sibos brand with the venue to create one entity. The result was a seamless visitor experience in form and function, natural and inherently human. We harnessed the best the venue could offer and then amplified it in order to create the most prestigious look and feel to date. The sustainability of this approach was a key benefit, provoking much thought and discussion on a truly sustainable future for the event.

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